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Chambers of Commodity

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With the aim to provide specialized service to the industry, CFNA has set up 42 affiliated chambers of commodity, covering all important commodities of agricultural, food, forestry and farm products. Each chamber of commodity has a membership covering all key producing and trading companies as well as a great number of SMEs, and can represent the whole sector of that commodity.
       Each chamber of commodity has its own executive committee and supervisory board elected by members. They work on a regular basis to deal with important issues concerned and solve problems and difficulties affecting the industry and the members. They focus on such issues as food safety, quality, standardization, domestic and international market promotion, international co-operation, and response to trade barriers.
       Each chamber of commodity has its own website or newsletter to provide trade information to members, and regularly publishes trade statistics which is deemed as China¡¯s most accurate and reliable statistics by international trade and industry associations. These chambers cooperate with many foreign chambers or associations of trade and industry in information exchange, co-hosting trade and technical seminars, participating in each other¡¯s exhibitions and exchanging trade delegations.

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