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Standing Council Member of CFNA--Zhucheng Delicate Import & Export Co., Ltd.

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Zhucheng Delicate Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Zhucheng Delicate Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a trading company affiliated to Zhucheng Waimao Co.,Ltd. Founded in Aug.30, 2006, with registered capital of 10 million Yuan, it has the qualification to import and export independently.
The company has many major brand products: deeply-fried food: karaage, Long Tian Yang, nikunannbann, etc.; steamed food: stick chicken, salad chicken, wing root, etc.; carbon grilled food: carbon grilled leg skewers, leg meat onion skewers, skin skewers meatball skewers, etc.; roasted food: roasted leg row, roasted upper and lower legs, etc.; smoked food: smoked chicken, smoked duck, etc.; and pet food.
It also has many major imported brand products: cattle jam, frozen chicken, beef, starch and other accessories, granulated sugar, etc.
Major Services: self-operating and working as the agent of the import and export of various commodities and technologies; wholesale and retail of pre-packaged food and bulk food.
Current Demands: Now the pandemic around the world is serious, but it is slowing down in China. Therefore we will actively expand the domestic market, and take advantage of the quality advantages of our export products. We want to find domestic business opportunities, and promote export-standard products to domestic high-end Japanese restaurants and multinational chain stores.
Contact information:
Contact person:Wang Chao
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