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Standing Council Member of CFNA--Lontrue Co., LtdM

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Lontrue Co., Ltd.
Lontrue Co., Ltd. (stock code 300175), founded in March 2002,successfully listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 15, 2011 and became the first GEM listed company of agricultural industry in Shandong province. The company's business scope includes fresh fruit, nuts, fruit cultivation, storage, processing, and sales. Three key products are apples, raisins, pine nuts. Relying on years of accumulated experience and resources in the area of deep-plowing agricultural products, as well as a deep understanding of standardization and food safety, Lontrue Co., Ltd established a strong sales network and a leading position in the domestic market, a strong brand awareness and a leading market share in major international markets including the EU, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc., and unanimous approval by many international high-end brands.
Major export products:
Dried fruit: raisins, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, walnut kernels, pinenut kernels, etc.
Contact information:
Company Website:
Contact person: Natalia
Phone: 18866380531
Wechat: 17863655516
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