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Standing Council Member of CFNA--Zhejiang Tea Group

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Zhejiang Tea Group
Zhejiang Tea Group, established in 1950, is a tea enterprise incorporating tea plantation, processing, research and development, and domestic and foreign trading, which owns more than 200,000 mu of tea farms, 18 tea processing factories, nearly 10 well-known brands covering various tea categories, tea machineries, and tea technology. The company is a brand operator in all industry chain of tea with the capacity of global tea supply chain integration and operation.
the main export products:
CAMEL is a well-known tea brand,founded in 1990. Products gain popularity globally, especially in "Northwest Africa" tea market where tea is regarded as one of the necessities of life by local customers.“Camel” brand creates its brand affinity among customers with the brand purpose of “down-to-earth, loyalty, and integrity". This brand is the only “China Famous Export Brand” and“Zhejiang Famous Export Brand” in China's tea industry, It has also been awarded “Zhejiang Famous Trademark” for seven times consecutively, and has been awarded the Gold Quality Award of the 23rd and 35th Monde Selection from International Institute for Quality Selections.
"Camel" trademark has been registered in nearly 30 countries and regions currently. The annual export volume of "Camel" products reaches over 20,000 tons, which remains the 1st place in China’s green tea exporting.
It is a main kind of Chinese green tea. Its appearance is slim and looks like an eyebrow, and that’s how its name “Mee” (means eyebrow in Chinese) originates. The body is in gray green leaf color, the liquid tastes fresh and robust, with lasting scent.
It is produced in the eastern mountains of Zhejiang. Since the end of the 17th century, it has been sold well in the UK, North America, Russia, France and Africa. Being tight grainy in shape and dark green in color it is famed for “green pearls”.
Flavored Tea is made from leaf tea and dried flowers or fruit pieces, processed with special flavoring technology. It is aromatic and bright in cup, and it has many functional benefits to human body.
It is regarded as Chinese taste in Chinese restaurants all over the world. Zhejiang’s Jasmine Tea is made of special green tea scented with jasmine flowers through traditional method.
“Camel” Brand Black Tea
Zhejiang Congou Black Tea is renowned for Yue Hong which maintains the tradition of fine processing and quality. Congou black tea is mostly welcomed by the traditional drinkers for its tight and even shape, as well as its pure flavor. Meanwhile, our fannings are widely used as the material for teabags and tea beverage industry.
“Camel” Brand Tea Bag,it suits for modern life. The tea product is safety, convenient, healthy and fashionable. There are many kinds of tea in it, including green tea, black tea, flower tea, oolong, Pu’er, etc. This tea is of high quality, and is packed by food-graded materials to ensure sanitary, safety and no pollution. There are many specification packages: triangular package, flat shape package, double-chamber tea bag and single-chamber tea bag in different boxes or tins.
Zhejiang Famous Export Brand
Gold Quality Award of Monde Selection from International Institute for Quality Selections
Company Website:
Online Sales Platform:
Contact person: Xia Bing
Phone: 0086-571-85051069
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