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Vice President Rong Weidong Led A Trade Promotion Group to the U.S.

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Vice president Rong Weidong led a trade promotion delegation to the U.S. from Oct. 16-21, 2017.

The group communicated with Pete Ricketts, Governor of Nebraska, and representatives from Nebraska Department of Agriculture, cattle farm owners, and some financial institutions on Oct. 17.

In order to promote cooperation on organic agriculture and the talent training program between China and the U.S., the group visited Iowa State University and had meetings with Mark Rasmussen, Director of Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Shelley Taylor , associate director of the Global Programs of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, etc. In addition, they also visited the horticulture center of ISU and negotiated with Professor Ajay Nair on building Sino-U.S. Organic Demonstration Farm in Donghai, Jiangsu Province.

On Oct. 19, jointly presided by vice president Rong Weidong and Joseph Rude from Iowa Economic Development Authority, the China Provinces and U.S. State of Iowa Joint Working Group Working Meeting was held simultaneously with the bilateral company matchmaking meeting. The group met with the Iowa Department of Agriculture , World Food Prize, and some winery afterwards.

The bilateral agricultural communication is an important part of the Sub-National Cooperation between China and the U.S. The group had fruitful achievements during this visit.

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