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President BianZhenhu Met With Zespri CEO

Original: CFNA   |   Post: 2017-05-26 14:07:57   |   Views: 762


President BianZhenhu met with Lain Jager, CEO of Zespri International Limited and exchanged thoughts on the bilateral development of fruit trade in China and New Zealand on April 26, 2017.

BianZhenhu welcomed Lain Jager and pointed out that Zespri has been doing business in China for years and actively participating in industrial activities. In recent years, by the lights of favorable conditions including China¡¯s Reform and Opening-up, the implementation of China-New Zealand FTA agreement, etc., Zespri¡¯s business in China has been flourishing and expanding from trade to planting, technological cooperation etc., which is significant to the growth of income for people in the western region. Zespri has broad prospects in China because there¡¯s huge potential for high-quality food, fruit included, in the Chinese market.

Mr. Jager expressed appreciation to all the support and assistance from CFNA. He said that Zespri¡¯s kiwi fruit export to China was growing quickly. Zespri has set a market expansion network headquartered in Shanghai, and a technological center. It has also established cooperation with Chinese governments of different levels. Zespri had full confidence in the Chinese market.

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