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Who Are We

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China Chamber of Commerce of Import & Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products (CFNA) was established in September 1988.

Taking Coordination, Guidance, Promotion, Consultation and Service as its objectives, CFNA works in the following areas: It encourages a fair and orderly market. It protects the interests and lawful rights of its members and of the industry. It promotes industry development. The chamber of commerce assists members to explore the international market. It provides its members with training and consultancy on market, client and regulations. It coordinates to settle trade disputes of member companies. It reflects suggestions and opinions from members and the industry to the government, and contributes its suggestion and comment when the government is making new policies. It guides members to make sure that their business operation is in accordance with relevant laws. It organizes exhibitions and forums. On behalf of the industry, it keeps contact and cooperates with international organizations. It organizes companies to respond to antidumping charges. Representing the industry, it acts against trade barriers. It works with the government to settle trade disputes. It promotes the establishment of quality systems and food safety systems. It facilitates the implementation of brand strategy. It investigates unfair competitions including the dumping of imported products. It also works to satisfy the requirement of the government and members.

The membership of CFNA has exceeded 6800 companies, among which 69 are members of the executive standing committee and 161 are members of the executive committee. Its membership, covering all parts of China, is composed of the largest and most representative companies and a large number of small and medium sized enterprises. The chamber of commerce has set up 44 chambers of commodities, all of which have a nation-wide membership.

The product line of CFNA members involve all agricultural, forestry, food and farm products such as cereal, oil, oil seed, fresh and dried vegetable and fruit, poultry, meat, seafood, dairy, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tea, canned food, candy, honey products, mushroom, wood, forestry chemical, essential oil, fragrant, flower, candle, firework, cashmere, down and feather, fur, leather, bristle, casing, rug, carpet, rabbit hair and etc.

The members are composed of companies targeting domestic and international markets. They can also be categorized as growing, farming and processing enterprises, science institutes, and agricultural associations at local levels. In terms of ownership, CFNA¡¯s membership includes state owned, foreign invested and private companies, as well as some international members. The members of CFNA represent the status and power ofChina¡¯s agricultural, forestry, food and farm industry as a whole.

CFNA has 12 departments and Beijing Jinsui Exhibition Center. Our staffs are good at economics and foreign languages. They have good knowledge of the commodities, the market and the industry. They keep close contact with the government and member companies. They devote themselves to promoting the production and trade of member companies.

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