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Building Food Safety System

Original: CFNA   |   Post: 2011-04-06 16:31:11   |   Views: 3240

Standard system, certification system and inspection system are of great importance to ensure food safety and quality, and to improve the competitiveness of Chinese agricultural products. CFNA and its affiliated chambers have devoted themselves to building these three systems in cooperation with relevant government bodies and scientific institutions. Entrusted by the government, CFNA organizes expert pools to work out national standards of food products such as the national standards of poultry meat, honey, casing, feather, down, etc. CFNA also works closely with international associations and has drafted a number of export food standards in accordance with the technical requirement of importing countries. At the same time, the chamber of commerce organizes training workshops for its members and supervises them to ensure their export meeting related standards.
       CFNA has close cooperation with domestic and overseas well-known labs, inspection agencies and research institutes to exchange information of standards and inspections. It also invites their experts to seminars and trainings for CFNA members on such technical issues as HACCP, ISO certification, certification system of specific food products, and laws and regulations of food safety of import countries.
       CFNA and its affiliated chambers hold regular industry conferences to discuss food safety issues, and organize and help members to set up quality control and food safety systems in accordance with the requirements of import countries. Through the efforts of CFNA and its members, the overall quality and safety of China¡¯s exported agricultural products achieved remarkable progress and can meet strict requirements of import countries.

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