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Promoting Export-oriented Agriculture

Original: CFNA   |   Post: 2011-04-06 15:34:18   |   Views: 3736

CFNA and its affiliated chambers attach great importance to the co-operation with provincial governments, especially those of China¡¯s less developed provinces in central and western regions to develop export-oriented agriculture. Every year CFNA organizes many seminars, trainings, trade fairs and exhibitions at local level and holds meetings for local producers, farmers and exporters with overseas importers and scientific experts to help the farmers and companies to adjust agricultural structure and to develop export-oriented agriculture.
       CFNA also invites overseas importers and China¡¯s leading exporters from developed coastal regions to the main production provinces in central and western China to explore investment opportunities, to find reliable supply and to educate local farmers and processors in providing agricultural products that can meet the requirement of the international market. A large number of overseas importers participated in these seminars, trade conferences and exhibitions organized by CFNA and local governments, including the China Yunnan Shangri-La Matsutake Festival, Heilongjiang Pumpkin-seed Trade Convention, Hainan Pepper Trade Seminar, International Cashmere Forum, etc. Overseas importers highly commented CFNA for organizing these trade activities not only for the benefit of local farmers and producers, but also for the benefit of overseas buyers.

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