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Global Cooperation and Trade Promotion

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It is one of the major functions of CFNA to establish and promote the cooperation between agricultural industries of China and foreign countries. CFNA has established cooperative relations with more than 400 chambers of commerce and industry as well as trade associations from around 50 countries and regions. The cooperation includes the exchange of information about the market, trade regulations and customers, website connection, staff training, delegation exchange, market promotion, co-hosting seminars, participating in each other¡¯s trade fairs and exhibitions.
       Such cooperation is on a regular basis, some on a yearly basis, such as Sino-Japan Casing Conference, Sino-Japan Tea Exchange, Sino-Japan Honey Meeting, the Cross-straits Eel Industry Conference, Sino-U.S. Soybean Conference, etc.
       CFNA is member of a number of global or regional agricultural industry organizations, such as International Alliance of Pulse Industry and Trade, International Tea Committee, International Carpet Council, International Casing Association, International Rosin Association, etc. Every year CFNA organizes hundreds of member companies to participate in the annual conference of those organizations, like World Peanuts Convention, World Honey Convention and World Pulses Congress, etc.
       CFNA and its affiliated chambers also organize dozens of trade missions every year to importing countries and co-organize with local associations trade promotional activities for Chinese exporters. As a chamber of commerce for import and export, while promoting Chinese export, CFNA also promotes China¡¯s import of agricultural products. Each year CFNA receives dozens of agricultural trade missions from other countries and co-organizes trade meetings or seminars with associations of exporting countries, bringing together Chinese importers, wholesalers and foreign exporters to promote the sale of foreign agricultural products in the Chinese market.

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