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Serving SMEs

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The majority of China¡¯s agricultural companies are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which do not have the right channel and the ability to obtain market information or to find reliable foreign business partners. They are also weak in developing high quality products and are not good at international marketing. In this regard, CFNA assists them in terms of product quality and marketing. CFNA and its affiliated chambers of commodity provide their member companies with various services including industry and market information, foreign buyers and sellers¡¯ recommendation, trade regulation information, and assisting SMEs to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions in China and abroad. CFNA and its chambers of commodity organize all kinds of seminars and trainings for members, enabling them to make appropriate marketing strategy, and to ensure product quality with the help of CFNA. Many of China¡¯s agricultural SMEs are growing stronger and stronger through the help of CFNA.

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