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Website and E-commerce

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The China Agro-forestry Trade Website ( provides trade and industry information. It is also an e-commerce website with considerable popularity both in China and abroad. Our website is linked with the websites of CFNA members and also with some partner international organizations of agricultural sector. It has also set up a sub-website under the official website of the Ministry of Commerce.

Our website has four platforms, namely the Transaction Center, Display and Sales Square, Information and Consultancy, as well as Member Service. It uses the rich information resource from CFNA to release updated and comprehensive information of agricultural production and trade, providing member enterprises with convenient
online transaction, online information and advertising service.

Our Website has more than ten columns, including Agro-trade News, CFNA Information, etc. On CFNA Information page, there are nine sub-webs covering different commodities, such as Meat Column, Fruit Column, Cereals & Oil Business, etc. There are also 50 sub-webs on the pages of eight commodities, such as Chambers
of Commodity and Key Commodities, etc. At the same time, 42 Chambers of Commodity under CFNA have set up their own webs, which are linked with CFNA¡¯s web. Member enterprises can upload freely their company profile, product photos and product information to sell or to buy.

In Display and Sales Square, the web provides with various retrieval ways to look up products with online transaction and other functions for information exchange. It is linked with many trade webs of overseas partner organizations and the webs of member enterprises as well.

Since its operation, the China Agro-forestry Trade Web has been well received by member enterprises and business circles both in China and abroad. It attracted a large number of overseas partner organizations, importers and exporters seeking Chinese trade partners and allows them to publicize supply and demand information. At present the web has over 100000 visits per day.

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