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Information and Consultancy Service

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It is one of CFNA¡¯s basic functions to provide information and consultancy service to its members and their overseas business partners. CFNA has many sources of information purchasing, collecting and exchanging about agricultural products in production, supply, demand, trade regulations and statistics both in China and abroad. Such information is released to its members free of charge via the magazine, newsletters of the chambers of commodity and the CFNA website. The database of domestic and overseas sellers and buyers set up by CFNA has provided its members and their overseas partners with a wealth of commercial opportunities. CFNA and its chambers of commodity publish trade and production statistics regularly, which is considered the most authoritative data of the industry and is widely used by the industry and trade associations abroad and in China.

CFNA¡¯s magazine the International Agriculture Trade has a circulation in China and abroad. It has become an authoritative media in the area of China¡¯s import and export of agricultural products. It focuses on the research of international market, market trends, law and regulations, inspection and quarantine, regional
production, trade of agricultural products, famous enterprises, and brand products.

The readers of the magazine cover some 400 commercial offices of the Chinese embassies in foreign countries, foreign commercial offices in China, relevant international organizations, producers, traders, over 400 chambers of commerce and associations in 150 countries and regions, well-known international exhibitions and fairs of food and agricultural industry,government bodies at all levels, and CFNA¡¯s member enterprises.

According to the need of members, CFNA and its chambers of commodity publish newsletters, which are distributed to members free of charge, such as Agro-product Trade Express, Eel Export Express, Sesame Market, Newsletter of Juice, etc. The information updates member enterprises about domestic and international markets in a timely and effective fashion.

Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce, CFNA compiled the Guide of Agricultural Export, which is broadly welcomed by export enterprises. Meanwhile, the Import and Export Statistics Monthly of China¡¯s Agricultural Products, compiled by CFNA on a regular basis and published on the website of the Ministry of Commerce, has
become important information guiding the enterprises.

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