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Trade Fair and Exhibition Service

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To promote the export and import of agricultural products, CFNA organizes or participates in various trade fairs and exhibitions in China and abroad. Every year CFNA organizes a number of specialized exhibitions in
China, such as SNACKEX, Guangzhou Food Exhibition, China International Tea & Coffee Exhibition, etc. Each of them attracts hundreds of Chinese and international exhibitors as well as domestic and overseas business visitors and buyers. Contracts of big volume are signed at each exhibition. The China International Carpet Fair, ranking third in the world carpet fairs and first in Asia, attracts hundreds of foreign buyers, and contracts worth of US$ 70-80 million are signed at each session.

CFNA is also very active in participating in fairs and exhibitions abroad. It has established close relations with some 40 specialized fairs and exhibitions of food, beverage, carpet, leather, fur, feather, down products in many countries, especially world famous food fairs like Anuga, SIAL, Japan Food Fair, and U.S. Food Fair. Every year, CFNA organizes more than 1000 member companies to participate in various exhibitions abroad. For Anuga alone, CFNA organizes around 200 exhibitors at each session. The number of CFNA member companies participating in Anuga and SIAL grows every year.

The China Import & Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) is China¡¯s top commodities exhibition, which attracts hundreds of thousands of professional buyers from all over the world. CFNA is the organizer of the pavilions of food, tea, native produce, animal by-products, carpet, tapestry, fur, leather, feather, down
products, and horticulture, with over 2000 exhibition booths and around 1300 exhibitors. They represent
China¡¯s overall level of that industry.

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