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Strive for World Free Trade

Original: CFNA   |   Post: 2011-04-06 16:43:00   |   Views: 2941

CFNA favors world free agricultural trade. While promoting China¡¯s export of agricultural products, CFNA has been cooperating with industry and trade associations of foreign countries to promote foreign agricultural products in the Chinese market. Unfortunately, since China¡¯s accession to WTO, its export of agricultural products has met with numerous trade barriers, especially technical barriers from developed countries, which hampered China¡¯s export and injured the interests of Chinese companies and farmers. To protect the interests of Chinese agricultural industry, CFNA worked closely with the Chinese government, and actively involved itself in solving these trade disputes between China and developed countries. The chamber of commerce organized scores of delegations abroad for solving trade disputes. With the support and lobby of our counterpart associations from the import countries, CFNA opened dialogues with related government bodies of those countries and put forward suggestions to solve trade disputes. Through the effort of the Chinese government and CFNA, trade disputes had been settled one by one, and China resumed export to those countries. At the same time, the efforts of CFNA in organizing the industry and members to build up food safety systems have resulted in the quality and safety of Chinese exported food products, thus enabling Chinese food industry to cope with technical trade barriers.
       The efforts of CFNA in promoting world free agricultural trade won support and recognition among members and counterpart associations of other countries.

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