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China International Sesame Conference 2012

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Dear Sir/ Madam£º

Before the harvest season of 2012, in order to help enterprises to obtain high-level, multi-angle, all-round perspective and analysis of global sesame market, strengthen international communication and cooperation, and promote global sesame trade, CFNA will hold China International sesame conference 2012 on 2nd September(Sun) to 3rd September(Mon) in Qindao of Shandong province.

China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA) was established in September 1988. Taking Coordination, Guidance, Promotion, Consultation and Service as its objectives, CFNA protects the interests and lawful rights of its members and of the industry, promotes industry development, and assists members to explore the world market. It reflects suggestions and opinions of members and the industry to the government, and contributes its suggestion and comment when the government is making new policies. It also works to satisfy the requirement of the government and members. The membership of CFNA exceeded 5000 companies. Its membership, covering all parts of China, is composed of the largest and most representative companies and a large number of small and medium sized enterprises.

Last year, CFNA hold China International sesame conference 2011 and achieved a great success. Over 230 representatives participated in that conference, including Chinese large and medium sesame enterprises as well as oversea sesame enterprises. They communicated each other and obtain authoritative and latest information on the market.

 We hereby sincerely invite you to take part in China International sesame conference 2012. We¡¯d appreciate your support and participation. The detail information of the conference as follows:


 I¡¢ Main Contents£º

¡¤Domestic sesame market analysis:

1. China yellow and white sesame production situation

2. China black sesame production situation

3. Import and predictions of China¡¯s sesame in 2012

¡¤International sesame market analysis:

1. Sesame production situation and market trends of Africa in 2012(Ethiopia and Nigeria, Mali, Tanzania, Sudan, etc.)

2. Sesame production situation and market trends of South Asia in 2012(India, Burma, Vietnam, etc.)

3. Sesame production situation and market trends of Middle East in 2012

4. Sesame Market trends analysis of Importing countries(Japan, China, EU) in 2012


II¡¢Meeting Time and Venue:

Time£º 2nd and 3rd September 2012 (Sunday, Monday)

            2nd September: Registration Date

            Evening of 2nd September: Welcome Reception

            3rd September: Conference Programme

            Evening of 3rd September: Evening Banquet

            4th September: Departure

Venue£ºHuiquan Dynasty Hotel, Qingdao  

Address£ºNo. 9 Nanhai Road, Qingdao, Shandong, 266003, China




Conference fee£ºUSD500/person

(The conference fee will cover :

*2nd and 3rd September 2 nights accommodation of Huiquan Dynasty Hotel, single occupancy

*All speech section of the conference

*Welcoming Reception Party on 2nd September, 2012

*Buffet Lunch on 2nd September, 2012

*Evening Banquet on 3rd September, 2012

*Souvenirs of the conference

* Conference materials and agenda)

Please make your payment to the following account by transfer.

Beneficiary Name: CFNA

Beneficiary Account No.: 1100 6019 4145 3000 04859



Address of Bank: No.8 Jinbao Stree,Beijing,China,100005

Transaction remarks: Registration fee of China International Sesame conference 2012

Please send the bank remittance by fax to the conference organization group after the registration fee has been done.

The conference is co-organized by China cereals and oils business net. Please filled out the registration form and send by fax or E-mail to the conference organization group before 20th August.


Contact person£ºMa Yi/Li Sifan/Chen Gong/ Luo Xiangping/ Chen Ying

Tel £º86-10-87109837£¬67167828,  87109836,

Fax £º86-10-87109838

E-mail £º,,

Mobile£º13126681243, 13520910522, 13621023376



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