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2012 China Peanut Conference

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Date: Aug. 2012
Location: Linyi, China
Participation: 300
Host: China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce
Contact: Ma Yi, Chen Gong, Chen Ying
             Tel: 0086-10-87109837, 87109836
             Fax: 0086-10-87109838

In the context of complex global oil market and industry and our efforts to support the development of national oil industry, our department¡¯s annual peanut conference has become the largest event with the highest level in China¡¯s peanut industry. This conference aims to build authoritative information exchange platform in China's peanut industry, discuss industry trends, enhance the overall image of the industry, and promote healthy peanut industry and trade, stability and development. Every year we jointly organized this event with government and business, also invited the MOFCOM, Ministry of Agriculture, AQSIQ, Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other relevant government departments, domestic peanut traders, processing companies, renowned experts, scholars, as well as peanut processing machinery and other industrial chain involving relevant staff participants, set up exhibition, jointly take the global economy, and peanut oil market trends, to help businesses get to know our customers to explore the development of the industry and other deep-seated problems. It is designed for China¡¯s enterprises and the local industrial chain to demonstrate their company and products, to carry out trade and investment, to discuss cooperation, expand domestic and international distribution channels.

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