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2012 China Gum Rosin Trade Conference

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Date: 25th - 28th Apr. 2012
Location: Guilin, China
Participation: 220
Host: China Forest Chemicals Trade Association
Contact: Li Yi
             Tel: 0086-10-87109856
             Fax: 0086-10-87109854

China Gum Rosin Trade Conference is an annual conference held by China Forest Chemicals Trade Association, it has been held for 7 years continuously from 2005 and has achieved good results. The conference is focused on analysis and understanding of the current situation and development trend of Chinese gum rosin industry, also learning the market information of gum rosin, tall oil rosin and hydrocarbon in the world. There also will be another topic meeting during the conference named "2012 China Rosin/Turpentine Derivatives Trade Conference I" with overall communication of China's rosin and turpentine derivatives market information. There have been participants more than 200-220 every year, with more than 50 from other countries. As China is the biggest producer and trader of gum rosin in the world, this conference has been paid great attention and participation, and has been an important conference on forest chemicals in the world. It is an important bridge for all the companies home and aboard to learn market information and promote business cooperation.

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