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Invitation to 2015 China£¨Lu¡¯an£©International Down Fair

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China£¨Lu¡¯an£©International Down Fair£¨the former China International Down Festival£©is co-hosted by China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce, Department of Commerce of Anhui Province and Lu¡¯an Municipal Government. The fair has been successfully held for four sessions since 2010. Since the growing influence of the fair in the industry, it has become an important platform for economic and trade cooperation, market exploring and information exchange.

2015 China£¨Lu¡¯an£©International Down Fair will take place in Lu¡¯an, Anhui Province from November 7-9. There will be 350 stands and 10000 m2exhibition area. Raw materials, down products (including garments, beddings, etc ), leather products, down fabrics, accessories, detergents and washing equipment will be showed in the fair.

Forums, seminars£¬fashion show and industry meetings will also be held during the fair to meet different needs of companies.

Sincerely welcome to join us.

1.Time:November 7-9, 2015

2.Venue:Golden Sun Exhibition Center£¨Address: the east of Jingsan Road, Lu¡¯an city£©

3.Registration:Sunstone Plaza Hotel Lu¡¯an (Address: the junction of Yingbin Road and Xujishen Road, Lu¡¯an city tel:4007889889)


Ms. Cui Jingyi(13521595059)£¬Ms. Chen Xi(15210662359)

Tel: 0086-10-87109869£¬87109887 Fax: 0086-10-87109899


Att£ºRegistration Form.docx

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