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Council Member of CFNA--Suzhou Peloris Trading Co., Ltd.

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Suzhou Peloris Trading Co., Ltd.
About Us
Suzhou Peloris Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Australian PGS in China, was established in September 2012. It is mainly engaged in the import of fresh food from Australia and transnational supply chain (cold chain) management. Our vision is to serve as a bridge between Australian producers and China's consumer market, introduce high-quality fresh products to China, adopt perfect cold chain transportation to ensure food safety and quality, assist in brand management and sales management, and promote stable market development. At present, the imported products include fresh dairy products, aquatic products, meat, etc. As a council member of CFNA, our company has always adhered to the business philosophy of food safety first, established a food safety risk control system and procedures covering the whole process. Meanwhile we paid attention to its own communication role. As a consultant, we provided consultation to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Australian Trade Commission and Australian food and retail association. In the future, we will continue to share experiences and promote trade development between China and Australia.
Our Business
Suzhou Peloris Trading Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in importing Australian Dairies fresh milk and Yumbah frozen abalone at present. The cooperative distributors and retailers include Ole, City super, Sam's club, Costco, Golden Eagle, BHG and HEMA etc.
Our Demands
In order to further meet the growing domestic demand for fresh products, continue to expand the categories of imported fresh products
Promote the communication between CFNA and relevant foreign trade associations and organizations
Strengthen communication with customs through CFNA, share industry information and data in time, and obtain national policy suggestions in time
In the premise of ensuring food safety, we hope to promote the transformation of fresh food from batch transaction management to process management, so as to improve the efficiency of customs clearance
Plan and develop the domestic cold chain logistics management system to provide more quality and convenient cold chain service for the market channels

Contact Us
Contact Person: Alex Wang
Mobile:+86 512 6616 7332
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