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Standing Council Member of CFNA--Jiangsu Yuguan Modern Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Yuguan Modern Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Yuguan Modern Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd., located in the modern agricultural park in Guannan County, Lianyungang city, was established in 2010 with a total investment of RMB 1.5 billion and an area of 1300 mu (214 acres). As a modern factory enterprise mainly engaged in cultivation, fermentation, planting, processing and sales of agaricus bisporus, by now it has become the largest and most advanced modern farm for cultivation of white mushroom in China. With the philosophy of respecting nature, Yuguan integrates the most advanced technology of modern agriculture, creates new standards for mushroom factory industry, and has established automated, specialized, standardized and highly effective annual cycle production mode, which breaks the seasonal production limit of traditional agriculture and achieves uninterrupted supply throughout the year. We are building a maturation agaricus bisporus modern park by producing, supplying and selling mushroom mating cold chain logistics. After putting into production, the raw and fresh products are sold to various cities in China, and the canned products are sold to a number of countries and regions, including United States, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia and Russia.
Major Export Products: canned mushroom, canned French green beans, canned fruit, canned vegetable, fresh mushroom and mushroom substrate phase three, etc.
Major Demands: looking for buyers of canned products, fresh mushroom, and mushroom substrate phase three
Contact information:
Company Website:
Contact Person: Lin Yihui
Tel: 139 6012 9229
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