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Vice President of CFNA Council --Jiangsu Alphay Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

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             Jiangsu Alphay Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Alphay is a professional company specialized in the research and development of health products and skin care cosmetics using edible and medicinal mushroom and natural herbs as raw materials. Alphay enjoys a good reputation in the domestic and international edible and medicinal mushroom industry.
Alphay is located in the High and New Tech Park of Nantong Economic & Technological Zone. It covers an area of 88,000 square meters. The company has the first Ganoderma Culture Museum in the world; production and automatic extraction workshop that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP); modern international mushroom training school and mushroom ecological garden for research.
Alphay has gained certifications of ISO 9001 Quality Control System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and Standards, ISO28001 Occupational System, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System, GMP Verification, HACCP and Registration of Export Food.
Currently, Alphay has set up overseas branches in Japan, Thailand, North America and Malaysia. We hope to benefit more people by taking edible and medicinal mushroom health food.
In order to provide products with the best quality and reasonable price to Chinese mushroom farms, Alphay has imported Agaricus bisporus spawn, supplements, peat and sugar beet pulp since 2014 from the USA, Europe, Australia and Russia. Alphay owns refrigerated warehouse and refrigerated truck. All these measures ensure the spawn quality stable during the whole process from transportation to storage.
Major Export Products: Alphay brand Edible mushroom healthy food
Major Import Products: Agaricus bisporus spawn from the USA, Europe and Australia
Major Services: import Agaricus bisporus spawn, supplements, peat and sugar beet pulp for Chinese domestic mushroom farms
Current Demands: We hope to find the best way of transportation from the Far East of Russia to China to save the logistics cost as much as possible.
Contact Information
Company Website:
Contact person: Ms. Zhang Yujuan
Tel: +008613506270020
Wechat: zyj1059489232
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