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Standing Council Member of CFNA--Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd.

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Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987. Under the leadership of founder Zong Qinghou, it has continued to develop and forge ahead. It has become China's largest and the world's leading private beverage production company. The company's brands "Wahaha" & "Shuangwaiwai" are well-known trademarks in China. In 2018, the Group achieved operating income of 46.45 billion yuan, paid taxes of 4.189 billion yuan, accumulated sales of more than 764.4 billion yuan in 31 years, and paid taxes of 65.2 billion yuan.
Wahaha has 80 production bases and more than 180 subsidiaries in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. It has nearly 30,000 employees. It has ranked first in the beverage industry in China for 20 consecutive years, ranking among the top 500 Chinese companies, top 500 manufacturing companies and the top 500 Chinese private enterprises in China.
Wahaha's products mainly cover more than 190 varieties of protein beverages, packaged drinking water, carbonated beverages, tea beverages, fruit and vegetable juice beverages, coffee beverages, plant beverages, special-purpose beverages, canned foods, dairy products, medical and health foods. In addition to R & D and manufacturing of food and beverage, Wahaha also has two precision machinery manufacturing companies that design, develop, and manufacture molds and beverage production equipment, becoming the only company in food and beverage industry with self-developed, self-designed, self-made molds & beverage production line & robot-capable. Wahaha Smart Factory was selected as the 2015 Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Project by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and was the only selected demonstration project in the beverage industry.
Brief Introduction of International Business
The Company’s international business is mainly import and export business ,The Importing department's main tasks involve the purchasing of raw materials (whole/ skim milk powder, frozen fruit juice, milk, whey protein, and others), a variety of advanced production lines, and necessary equipments from some of the best suppliers in the world such as, FONTERRA, CITROVITA, KRONES, DOMINO, HUSKY. The Import department also deals with the overseas food importing business. Relying on Wahaha’s brand recognition advantage and extensive sales network, we have established a stable cooperative relationship with Goodman Fielder from Australia, Walkers Shortbread Limited, Delamere Dairy, GGS Candy Company from UK, and many other foreign well-known suppliers. The primary products which are imported include milk, biscuits, candy, and so on. We at Wahaha are trying our best to expand the food import distribution network. Therefore, worldwide distributors are more than welcome to discuss food business opportunities with us.
The Export department is mainly responsible for selling Wahaha's products and Wahaha's brand marketing. After nearly two decades of strenuous effort, nine major categories of products from Wahaha have been sold to more than thirty countries and regions in the world, with annual sales close to five million USD. The principal exporting countries include the United States, Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Italy, United Kingdom, Mongolia, and many more. The chief products that are exported include instant foods such as bottled tea beverages, bottled water, milk drinks and mixed congee, etc.
Main products:
Wahaha Nutri-Express Juice milk drink
Vitamin A&D and Calcium soft drink
Wahaha Mixed Congee
Wahaha Tea Drink
Wahaha Kvass Fermenting malt drink
Contact person:Wang Xuemei, Pan Yuehua, Zhang Xinhai
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