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Vice President Yu Lu Met With Miyazaki Delegation

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On 8th November 2011, Vice President Yu Lu met with the visiting delegation of Miyazaki, Japan.

Ms. Yu introduced CFNA and the status quo of China's agricultural and food import from Japan. She pointed out that as the result of the earthquake and nuclear accident in Japan, in the first 9 months of this year China's agricultural import from Japan dropped 31.9% on a year-on-year basis. In both of the second and the third quarter, the decrease rate exceeded 50%. The import of such products as seafood, vegetables, fruits, foodstuffs and beverages all shrank by different degrees. Chinese importers and consumers are still hesitant about the radioactive contamination of Japanese foods.

Mr. Sinichiro Watanabe, Vice President of Miyazaki Local Products and Trade Promotion Center and head of the delegation said that the nuclear accident severely impacted Japan's agricultural export. Products from Miyazaki, though not contaminated, were still dragged down. Japan has strong capability of testing nuclear radioactive level, thus confident to provide safe foods to Chinese consumers. China is an important agricultural market, and this is the first time that Miyazaki government organizes local enterprises to visit Northern China. It hopes to establish close contact with CFNA, and recommend safe products of Miyazaki to member companies of CFNA.

Ms. Yu said that in recent years CFNA has established exchange mechanism with a number of Japanese industry organizations. Such a mechanism, through which we exchange information and improve understanding, is proved to be beneficial. CFNA is willing to set up a direct and long-term cooperative platform. With concerted efforts, we can facilitate the market exploration and development of Miyazaki agri-products in China. Then, Ms. Yu answered questions and advised the delegation concerning the export and marketing of Miyazaki liquor and seafood in China.

Representatives of Fruit and Vegetable Department, Meat and Seafood Department, Exhibition Department, Marketing and Events Department, and Information and Membership Department of CFNA attended the meeting.

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