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President Cao and Vice President Yu Meets with Charg¨¦ D'affaires of Belarus Embassy

Original: CFNA   |   Post: 2020-07-14 11:08:59   |   Views: 516

President Cao Derong and vice president Yu Lu met with Ms. Tatiana Kharlap, charg¨¦ d'affaires of the Embassy of Belarus in China on July 5. The two sides had deep exchange of views on how to expand the export of agricultural products from Belarus to China, an agreement reached by President Xi Jinping and President Lukashenko in a teleconference on June 11. A representative from the department of eurarian affairs of the Ministry of Commerce of China also attended the meeting.
The Belarus side introduced the general situation of its agricultural export and the bilateral agricultural trade. President Cao Derong and vice president Yu Lu introduced the general situation of import food in China, and CFNA¡¯s suggestions and measures on expanding Belarus¡¯ export of agricultural products to China. The two sides agreed to strengthen communication and implement these measures as soon as possible.

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