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Vice President Yu Lu Attended China-India Tea Industry Meeting

Original: CFNA   |   Post: 2018-11-13 16:03:01   |   Views: 650


China-India Tea Industry Meeting was held on Oct. 25, 2018 at CFNA. Vice president Yu Lu attended the meeting. A group of 20 delegates from India, including Arun Kumar Ray, Deputy Chairman of the Tea Board of India, Prashant Lokhande, Commercial Counselor of the Indian Embassy in China, and some Chinese tea companies attended the meeting. The two sides had in-depth communication on the conditions of tea industry, the existing problems, and ways to increase cooperation and communication, etc.

Vice president Yu Lu introduced CFNA¡¯s work on promoting the import and export of agricultural products in the past 30 years and its role in linking domestic and foreign companies, as well as bridging Chinese companies and government. CFNA will continue to work closely with the Indian side on organizing trainings, supporting each other in industrial activities, and promoting trade exchanges on the platforms of CIIE etc.

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