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The Autumn Convention of the International Poultry Council (IPC) Held in Nanjing

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The autumn convention of the International Poultry Council (IPC) was held from Sep. 15-17 in Nanjing. 70 delegates from nearly 30 countries and regions attended the meeting. Vice president Yu Lu, who is also the executive member of the IPC, attended the meeting and made a keynote speech themed ¡°China Agricultural Trade¡±.

IPC was founded in Germany in 2005. Its founding members include China, the U.S., Brazil, the E.U., etc. CFNA represents China in IPC.

According to its regulations, its international conventions are held bi-annually in spring and autumn. CFNA contributed a lot in inviting guest speakers in this year¡¯s autumn convention.

During the convention, vice president Yu Lu¡¯s proposal to FAO, WHO, OIE was adopted by the IPC.

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