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Statement by the CFNA on the US Section 301 Investigation Report and Trade Restrictions

Original: CFNA   |   Post: 2018-03-26 18:22:56   |   Views: 819

In 2017, China-US agricultural products trade value amounted to 31.74 billion USD, in which China imported 24.08 billion USD agricultural products from the US. China is the largest export market in agriculture sector for the US, from which US farmers have benefited a great deal. The CFNA has continued to support bilateral trade of agricultural products from the industrial angle, to sustain friendly relations and cooperation.

However, the US government is taking unilateral moves recently, which are of high trade protectionism tendencies and disregard the rules of the WTO. These moves are very likely to provoke trade conflicts between China and the US, and harm the interests of the agriculture industries of the two nations.

We note that the Chinese government is ready to take all necessary countermeasures in fighting against the trade protectionism moves of the US. The CFNA and all our members are willing to support our government in such measures to safeguard the benefits of the industry. In the meantime, we call for cooperation between China and the US, for maintaining stability in the present trade development and achieving mutual benefits and win-win.

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